Chhattisgarh is one of those rare tourist places, where it still feels untouched. Tourists endowed with a rich cultural heritage and rich in nature will get to see a lot. Because Chitrakote Falls, also known as the Mini-Niagara Falls of India, has a huge height as well as its huge width. Wildlife is also a major attraction in Chhattisgarh besides being the center of eco-tourism in many wildlife sanctuaries of the state. However, Chhattisgarh is also not far behind in urbanity, and a tour of Raipur city shows that it is a favorite hangout destination of the youth, with many opportunities for entertainment. Well, here we have brought for you the tourist places of Chhattisgarh which show you the best place.
Culturally, Bhilai is a planned city, located in the Durg district, 25 km from the capital Raipur. The city is mainly known for Bhilai Steel Plant (SAIL), one of the largest steel plants in India. Developed with the help of the Russian government, today the city is very good financially and culturally very prosperous.
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DONGARGARH     chhattisgarh tourism, chhattisgarh tourist

Dongargarh is considered as the top pilgrimage center of Chhattisgarh and is also a top tourist attraction. There is a famous temple here called Maa Bamleshwari which is situated at an altitude of about 1,600 feet. The temple is also called Badi Bamleshwari. Another temple which is situated about half a kilometer from this temple is known as Chhota Bamleshwari.
Dongargarh,Chhattisgarh,chhattisgarh_tourism,chhattisgarh _tourist_ places,chhattisgarh_tourist,chhattisgarh_tourist_places_near_raipur

RAIPUR    chhattisgarh tourism, chhattisgarh tourist

You cannot miss a tour of Raipur, its capital in Chhattisgarh travel. Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, is the largest city in the state. With more than hundreds of steel mills and six steel plants, Raipur is also one of the largest industrial centers in the country. Apart from steel, it is also home to aluminum and coal industries. The primary trade and industrial center, Raipur is fast emerging in the tourism sector, attracting tourists from all over the world.
Chhattisgarh,chhattisgarh_tourism,chhattisgarh _tourist_ places,chhattisgarh_tourist,chhattisgarh_tourist_places_near_raipur

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FUN CITY    chhattisgarh tourism, chhattisgarh tourist

Situated on a large land, this water-less fun amusement park in Raipur is the most preferred place for recreation. It is a very fun world to enjoy with family and friends.
Fun City boasts its various Fun Water Slides, Rain Dance, Kids Zone, Restaurant, Wave Pool and Family Pool. The cluster of water rides available here will be in various shapes and models which will make your ride enjoyable.
Chhattisgarh,chhattisgarh_tourism,chhattisgarh _tourist_ places,chhattisgarh_tourist,chhattisgarh_tourist_places_near_raipur

INDRAVATI NATIONAL PARK    chhattisgarh tourism, chhattisgarh tourist

The only tiger reserve in the green state of Chhattisgarh is the Indravati National Park. It got its name because of the Indravati River flowing nearby. Tourists visiting Chhattisgarh definitely come to see this sanctuary. Rare and endangered wild Asian buffalo can also be seen in the park along with nilgai, blackbuck, sambar, gaur, tiger, leopard, chital, sloth bear and countless other species.
Chhattisgarh,chhattisgarh_tourism,chhattisgarh _tourist_ places,chhattisgarh_tourist,chhattisgarh_tourist_places_near_raipur

ACHANAKMAR TIGER RESERVE  chhattisgarh tourism, chhattisgarh tourist

In 2009, Achanakmar Tiger Reserve was declared a Tiger Reserve under Project Tiger. Which is spread over an area of ​​over 557Sq kilometers. Located in Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh, it is an impressive tiger house. Visiting the Achanakmar Tiger Reserve during a trip to Chhattisgarh can be an exciting experience. Apart from the tiger, you can also see other animals including the Indian giant squirrel, wild dog, hyena, leopard. The Achanakmar Tiger Reserve is home to over 150 species of birds. Going to the park during your trip in Chhattisgarh can be a wonderful experience.
achanakmar-wildlife-sanctuary-bilaspur,Chhattisgarh,chhattisgarh_tourism,chhattisgarh _tourist_ places,chhattisgarh_tourist,chhattisgarh_tourist_places_near_raipur

CHITRAKOTE FALLS    chhattisgarh tourism, chhattisgarh tourist

Also known as the Mini-Niagara Fall of India, this horse-shaped waterfall falls from a height of about 100 feet. Making its way through dense vegetation and cascades, it creates a spectacular view.
     Chitrakote Falls are formed by the waters of the Indravati River which flows through the Vindhya mountain range.  Overall Chitrakoot is a very beautiful tourist destination.
Chitrakoot_Falls,_Jagdalpur,Chhattisgarh,chhattisgarh_tourism,chhattisgarh _tourist_ places,chhattisgarh_tourist,chhattisgarh_tourist_places_near_raipur.jpg

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CHARE MARRE WATERFALLS    chhattisgarh tourism, chhattisgarh tourist

Chare Marre Waterfalls is a great place to visit in the  state of Chhattisgarh. The waterfall is 16 meters high and the clear water falling from such a great height is quite worth seeing. The perfect place to take a dip in the water reservoir at the bottom of the waterfall. Cold water will make your soul and body come alive. One can spend some peaceful time enjoying the picturesque beauty of this place.
Thommankuthu_water_falls,Chhattisgarh,chhattisgarh_tourism,chhattisgarh _tourist_ places,chhattisgarh_tourist,chhattisgarh_tourist_places_near_raipur

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KANGER VALLEY NATIONAL PARK    chhattisgarh tourism, chhattisgarh tourist

Known as one of the most dense national parks in India, Kanger Valley National Park is famous for its rich biodiversity, breathtaking landscape, natural waterfalls. The park is located in Jagdalpur in Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. Kanger Valley (Valley) National Park, spread over a radius of 200 km, is a biosphere reserve amidst the magnificent Kanger Valley, which spans 34 km.
Thommankuthu_water_falls,Chhattisgarh,chhattisgarh_tourism,chhattisgarh _tourist_ places,chhattisgarh_tourist,chhattisgarh_tourist_places_near_raipur

TIRATHGARH FALLS chhattisgarh tourism, chhattisgarh tourist

Tirathgarh Falls is most visited places in Chhattisgarh. Falling from a height of about 300 feet, their beauty looks as if it is being divided into several springs. The waterfall is surrounded by lush green forest, while a small temple is situated next to Tirathgarh Falls.
Thommankuthu_water_falls,Chhattisgarh,chhattisgarh_tourism,chhattisgarh _tourist_ places,chhattisgarh_tourist,chhattisgarh_tourist_places_near_raipur

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KAILASH AND KUTUMSAR CAVES    chhattisgarh tourism, chhattisgarh tourist

The Kailash and Kotusamar Caves are not only a unique cave, but also the second longest cave in the entire world. The cave discovered in 1993 spans an area of ​​100 meters.
                                    The peculiarity of the cave is that it cannot be reached beyond a certain point due to the decrease in the flow of oxygen inside the deep cave. This two-kilometer deep cave is surprisingly large amidst dense forests. If you want to have some fun here? So clap with your hands inside the cave and you will hear a musical sound moving through the hollow walls. The cave is located near Tirathgarh waterfall and about 40 km from Jagdalpur.
Thommankuthu_water_falls,Chhattisgarh,chhattisgarh_tourism,chhattisgarh _tourist_ places,chhattisgarh_tourist,chhattisgarh_tourist_places_near_raipur

CHIRMIRI HIL STATION     chhattisgarh tourism, chhattisgarh tourist

Chirmiri is a beautiful hill station in Koriya district of Chhattisgarh.Chirmiri is called the 'Paradise / Paradise of Chhattisgarh'. The lush greenery, mountains and rivers make it an ideal destination for anyone to relax. This scenic city is also known for its coal mines. There are many temples and other places which are famous among tourists. Chirmiri is well connected to major cities via rail and road. Chirmiri is situated on the banks of the Hasdev River at an elevation of 579 meters above sea level.
Thommankuthu_water_falls,Chhattisgarh,chhattisgarh_tourism,chhattisgarh _tourist_ places,chhattisgarh_tourist,chhattisgarh_tourist_places_near_raipur

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