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Lakshadweep tourist destinations are a beautiful union territory of India, which is located in the Arabian Sea, about 300 kilometers from the mainland of India (west coast of India). Lakshadweep, being the smallest union territory of India, is an attractive tourist destination that invites domestic and foreign tourists to come here. Lakshadweep literally means "Lac Islands". Lakshadweep has 36 islands (islands) and life on 10 is prevalent. Out of these, native tourists are allowed to visit 6 islands while foreign tourists are allowed to visit 2 islands (Bangaram and Agati). If you want to get more information about Lakshadweep then definitely read this article of ours.
One of the major attractions of Lakshadweep, the island of Minicoy is a major tourist destination, which is one of the 36 small islands of Lakshadweep. Let me tell you that Minicoy is known as Maliku in the local language. Minicoy Island is located about 400 kilometers from the Cochin coastline. The coral reefs on the island of Minicoy, the attractive white sand and the beautiful waters of the Arabian Sea are worth seeing. Explain that the island of Minicoy is the second largest island of Lakshadweep. Luxury beach resorts on Minicoy Island will get tourists to watch.

Agatti Island is one of the most exciting places to see in Lakshadweep, which is known for the blissful beauty of coral reefs. Despite being smaller than some of the islands of Lakshadweep, it proves to be a thrilling place for its clear waters, white sand, beaches and offbeat lovers. Please tell that the island of Agatti is spread over an area of ​​about 8 kilometers and there are more than 8000 people living here. The island of Agatti is rich in natural beauty, rich flora and geographical formations.

Bangaram Island are a breathtaking place in the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean, known for its pristine coral reefs and seahorses. On Bangaram Island, tourists can swim with beautiful fish, check dolphins, enjoy water related activities, sunrise and sunset.

Kavaratti Island is one of the most beautiful jewels in the attraction of Lakshadweep. The Kavaratti Islands are the capital of Lakshadweep and are known for their attractive sea islands, white velvet sand and beautiful landscapes. Let us know that Kavarti tourist destination is located about 360 km from Kochi coast and the airport of Agatti Island is the nearest airport. Kavaratti Island has been chosen to develop as a smart city. Kavaratti Island, replete with natural beauty, is known for 12 Atolls, five Submerged Banks and three coral reefs. Beautiful coconut trees and seawater activities attract tourists to visit the island of Kavaratti.

Lakshadweep is a place where you can enjoy scuba diving freely. Let us know that for tourists who love scuba diving, Lakshadweep is not less than a paradise. Here you will get to see the enchanting scenes. In Lakshadweep, there are three islands Agatti, Kadmat and Bangaram which are considered ideal for scuba diving. If you visit Lakshadweep, do not forget to enjoy scuba diving. Explain that for scuba diving on these islands, you have to pay about 2000 rupees (approx) per diving fee.

Kalpeni Island offers spectacular views among the major sights in Lakshadweep. Kalpeni Island is known as Koefaini Island. The Kalpeni Islands, one of the picturesque places of Lakshadweep, are a group of islands Cheriyam, Pitti and Tilakkam, the island of Kalpeni consisting of these three beautiful islands. Many water sports can be enjoyed on Kalpeni Island including reef walking, scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, canoeing and sailing.

In Lakshadweep tourism, apart from the natural beauty, you can also enjoy the water sports happening here. Major sports related to water in Lakshadweep include paddle boating, scuba diving, sailing, snatching, kayaking, canoeing, traveling, swimming, jet ski, banana boat rides, power kites, kite surfing, quad bike riding, wake boarding, parasailing Etc. Let us know that the fee for these sports related to water starts from around 750 rupees.

The Marine Museum is located on the Kavaratti island of Lakshadweep. The main purpose of the Marine Museum is to display marine-related artifacts. Explain that most species of marine fishes and water animals can be seen in the Marine Museum. For those who are interested in marine life and related activities or want to get more information about it, this Marine Museum can prove to be an ideal place.

Kadmat Island attracts tourists to Lakshadweep's main tourist destination. The Kadmat Islands are spread over an area of ​​about 9 kilometers and are part of the Amindiv sub-group. Attracted views of the white sea beach, sunrise and sunset, blue waters and reefs force travelers to arrive on Kadamat Island. Thousands of tourists visit this island and like to be a part of the activities happening here. Kadmat Island's most popular activities include paragliding, scuba diving, kayaking and snorkeling halfway.

AMINDIVI ISLAND    (lakshadweep islands tourism, lakshadweep tourism places)

Among the tourist destinations of Lakshadweep are the very beautiful islands of Amindivi Island which attract tourists. The Amindivi Islands are located in the northern Lakshadweep and are known for their choir products. Explain that foreign tourists are not allowed to come to Amindivi Island due to government regulations.

ANDRETTI ISLAND    (lakshadweep islands tourism, lakshadweep tourism places)

The attraction of Lakshadweep, Andretti Island, attracts tourists easily and is also known as Androt Island. Explain that Andretti Island is the largest island in Lakshadweep. The beauty and charm of Andretti Island is worth seeing. Here in the evening, spending time on the sea shore provides comfort to the tourists. On the island you can see many aquatic animals including octopus. Andreti Island is also famous worldwide for the tomb of Saint Hazrat Ubaidullah, along with Buddhist archaeological remains.

On a trip to Lakshadweep you can enjoy a spectacular yacht cruise. The experience of sailing among the blue waters and beautiful white sands can make your trip memorable. It is fantastic to see fish, turtles and other sea creatures. Cruise rides compel tourists to visit Lakshadweep again and again.

BEST TIME TO VISIT LAKSHADWEEP     (lakshadweep islands tourism, lakshadweep tourism places) 

The best time to visit Lakshadweep is from October to mid-May. Explain that it rains during mid-May to September. Although resorts in Lakshadweep remain open throughout the year, it is difficult to travel to Lakshadweep via ship.

FAMOUS FOOD OF LAKSHADWEEP     (lakshadweep islands tourism, lakshadweep tourism places) 

Lakshadweep is not only famous for its beautiful tourist places and the charming atmosphere, but the food here is also very tasty. The taste of delicious food of Lakshadweep will make you lick fingers. The local cuisine of Lakshadweep serves international dishes including Chinese, Thai, Indian and Korean cuisines to tourists.

HOW TO REACH LAKSHADWEEP    (lakshadweep islands tourism, lakshadweep tourism places) 

One can choose flight or sea route to travel to Lakshadweep.


If you have chosen an air route to visit Lakshadweep tourist place, then let us tell you that Aggati Airport of Lakshadweep Union Territory is well connected to Kochi Airport. Aggati Airport is located approximately 86 kilometers from Lakshadweep.

HOW TO RICH LAKSHADWEEP BY SHIP    (lakshadweep islands tourism, lakshadweep tourism places) 

If you have decided to travel from Kochi to Lakshadweep by ship, then let us tell you that you easily reach Lakshadweep via MV Kawarti, Arabian Sea ship, Lakshadweep seaplane, MV Tipu Sultan, MV India border and MV Amindi etc. Will go The journey from Kochi to Lakshadweep takes about 14 to 20 hours.

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